Katrina Sutcliffe MA

Individual and Couples Therapy


Emotional distress, addictions, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, anxiety and depression can be helped by psychotherapy. As a psychotherapist​ I do not offer a quick fix. I offer a steady, compassionate as well as questioning presence that will keep you at the centre of your experience. My approach is characterised by my creative and challenging mind and I have a determination to help you to explore yourself and reach the parts that you may want to keep hidden. These shameful or unspoken parts are what may have brought you into therapy. This is about getting to an authentic place that brings you greater freedom.








Your internal, emotional landscape might feel neglected, derelict and run down. To repair it alone might feel overwhelming. As a psychotherapist I understand my role as helping you to clear up what you experience as the mess that you feel. Together we can make the task not only less onerous but also less lonely.




































I am a Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist and registered Drama Therapist.



I work in central Bath.


To arrange an initial session please send me an email






















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